Droitwich Shutters & Blinds

There are many types of shutters available with our supply and fit service, and we are keen to ensure you choose the best ones for your property. Below are the categories and descriptions to help you find your best fit.

Cafe Shutters

Cafe shutters are a great way to add some privacy to the lower windows of your home, especially for the road facing properties common in Droitwich and Worcestershire. They cover the lower half of a window leaving the top half uncovered, which gives a classic and tasteful look to your rooms.

Patio/French Door Shutters

These are perfect for new homes, such as those on the Persimmon estate in Droitwich which has back to back houses. They offer utmost privacy and light blocking, which gives insulation against incoming heat or cold too. They can be done in any colour to match your home.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier simply means ‘one on-top of the other’, and so these shutters cover entire windows while giving you ultimate control over the amount of light you let in, or whether you would like to keep the bottom ones closed for privacy reasons. Great in both old and new homes, many have been fitted by us in more traditional properties and areas such as Pershore and surrounding villages.

Solid Shaker Shutters

Solid, can be painted any colour, and very handy for those awkward spaces such as under your stairs or large cupboards. Also used as room dividers, these shutters and very versatile although not always best for windows due to completely blocking out light.

Velux / Fakro Shutters

More popular in modern style houses, these shutters cover Velux and Fakro windows really well. A great option for your loft conversion and easy to look after – perfect for a teenagers bedroom or study!

Bespoke Shaped Shutters

Exactly what they say on the tin, bespoke shaped shutters can come in any (most!) shapes to fit your odd windows or spaces. Previously we have done many of these in Droitwich and the surrounding areas, in properties such as boats, nurseries and gable ends.

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