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Bay Window Shutters

Practical and Popular

Bay window shutters are increasingly popular due to the privacy and light control they offer while adding a focal point to any room. Traditionally, it has been difficult to cover bay windows with curtains due to tricky angles, meaning they never achieve a perfect fit. Shutters are an excellent option for houses along busy roads or walkways as they provide privacy while allowing light to enter the room, which curtains or blinds do not.

Highly Versatile

Windows can still be accessed when bay window shutters are in place, as they can be moved or folded back. These shutters are highly versatile and come in many styles such as Cafe, Tier on Tier and Full Height, which enables us to find you the perfect match for your home.

Custom built to fit

All of our bay window shutters are made to measure and fitted by us to achieve the perfect fit. This is especially important as bay windows need that extra attention to detail due to unusual angles and often older houses. We are proud to offer a high quality service to all of our customers, whether you are looking for one bay window or your whole home to be supplied and fitted with shutters.

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