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Bespoke Shape Shutters

Make the most of your property

These custom made bespoke shutters are perfect for any oddly shaped windows, or older properties that have unique spaces such as barn conversions. Sympathetic to your home’s features, our bespoke shutters will add a showpiece to any renovation or blend into the background with colour matched paint and a simple style for a more subtle look.

Perfect fit

To make sure we get the perfect fit for your custom shutters, a template will be created on site during our visit. We will show you samples to help you decide which finish and material suits your property while offering our best professional advice. This approach ensures our final product is exactly what our customers need, and our expertise in fitting means that your shutters will look perfect for many years to come.

Custom shapes and bespoke service

Our made to measure, bespoke shutters come in any shape or size to suit the window or space you have. Below are a few examples of the most common bespoke shutters we fit.

  • Arched shutters (church style windows, for example)
  • Angled shutters (can be used in spaces such as roof conversions)
  • Sunburst shutters (a stunning look)
  • Porthole shutters (round, such as those on boats)
  • Gable end shutters (excellent for rooms that are very light such as the one in the photo)
  • Obscure angles and shapes (such as small triangle windows)

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