Bifold Patio Door Blinds

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Bifold Patio Door Blinds

Practical solutions

Now you have your beautiful glass extension, how do you control the sun light and heat? UK seasons require blinds that cool in the summer and insulate in the winter, to ensure your home maintains a comfortable temperature.

Thermal and pleated Thermocell blinds trap heat with layers of honeycomb like materials, lined with an aluminium core to give an extra layer of protection. When closed, they discreetly sit at the top of the window, to allow for an uninterrupted view of the outside. In addition to this, they can be lowered partially to give your choice of heat and light control.

Lots of materials available

These wonderful blinds come in many, many different colours. With options for blackout and translucent materials, we are sure you will find the perfect fitting blinds for your home with us.

Blackout materials come with a layer of aluminium to insulate against temperature, which also serves to create a blackout effect. This is a great option for glass extensions within the home or for bedroom areas.

Translucent materials allow for a small amount of light to pass through, with a soft glow of ambient light to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. These are great for conservatory style extensions and dining areas.

Perfect fit

Thermal honeycomb and pleated integral blinds are well suited to patio and bifold doors, given the perfect fit and versatility they offer. At Droitwich Venetian Blinds we take time to ensure all of our blinds are fitted to a high standard, meaning they will insulate and enhance your bifold doors brilliantly.


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